Francisco de [Achegin] Godinez Family Collection, 1674

Title: Francisco de [Achegin] Godinez Family Collection, 1674
ID: MS/VMF/vmf062
Extent: 1.0 Items
Predominant Dates: 1674: August 12
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Detailed Description
Item 1: Granada. Proceedings of suit for title of nobility including genealogies, detailed legal account of the suit, and execution of title and privileges. Appealed and resolved during the reign of Carlos II of Spain. Nobility in perpetuity is granted to the family of Francisco de [Achegin] Godinez. Document seems to have originated in order to illustrate on many levels the necessary eligibility and relates genealogically the legal history of the family. The suit was sucessful and the title `Hidalgo Probose' was awarded. There follows an account of subsequent privileges including rights involving towns, lands, and residents. Document concludes with a detailed legal description, in another hand, of the results of the suit with the appropriate signatures of the principals and witnesses. Apparently the document was drawn up by the scribes of Granada on the [authority of the king?] The final section was perhaps appended when the suit was won in order to legalize the document and complete the family history. The family names involved are confused and the signatures are unidentified. It is possible and would have been usual in similar disputes for the reigning monarch's signature to be secured, but it is more likely in this case that a proxy served. Ms. on.vellum. Contains illuminated capitals, line ornaments, figures and illustrations including a genealogical history of descendents of Martin Sanchez (no dates given), and what appears to be the family crest (either Godinez or Sanchez or other names mentioned). Also includes an honorary dedication to Don Carlos and Doña Mariana of Austria with picture of Carlos as child King listing all his titles, lands, properties, priviliges, etc. Final section includes another coat of arms, perhaps to represent the family's changed status. Each page bears unidentified ms. symbol or initial probably that of officiating judge of the suit, or of Don Francisco, or the scribe involved, and an unidentified date. Hand resembles sixteenth century Spanish Redondilla. A dealer's catalogue note accompanying the document reports the former owner as the Library of Prince Henry Hohenzollern, n.d., 1674: August 12