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Walter H. Cummings Collection


Scope and Contents

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Autograph book containing autographs and correspondence of prominent figures in the social and political life of the United States during 1872-1873. Inscribed on the flyleaf `Walter H. Cummings Book, 1872. Collection of Autographs.'

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Walter H. Cummings Collection, 1872-1873 | MS Manuscripts

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Collection Overview

Title: Walter H. Cummings Collection, 1872-1873Add to your cart.

Predominant Dates:1872: March 26 -1873

ID: MS/VMF/vmf035

Primary Creator: Cummings, Walter H.

Extent: 1.0 Items

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Autograph book containing autographs and correspondence of prominent figures in the social and policital like of the United States during 1872-1873.

Collection Historical Note

Walter H. Cummings was born May 18th, 1852 to Almon and Jane Miller Cummings of Warsaw, NY. He grew up on his parents' farm and was educated at Perry and Warsaw Academies. At sixteen, Walter left home to work in a grocery store in Silver Springs, returning home three years later. He was married June 22nd, 1875 to Grace A. Woodruff, of East Gainesville, Wyoming Co., NY. The couple had one daughter, Ivy Grace Cummings, born in 1878. Upon the death of his father-in-law, Merritt Woodruff, Walter inherited a 600-acre estate. He was a member of the Congregational Church of Warsaw, NY, and served on its board of trustees. He also belonged to the Warsaw Masonic Lodge and was active in the local Republican party.

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Repository: MS Manuscripts

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[Item 1: Autograph book containing autographs and correspondence of prominent figures in the social and political life of the United States during 1872-1873. Inscribed on the flyleaf `Walter H. Cummings Book, 1872. Collection of Autographs.'],

Item 1: Autograph book containing autographs and correspondence of prominent figures in the social and political life of the United States during 1872-1873. Inscribed on the flyleaf `Walter H. Cummings Book, 1872. Collection of Autographs.'Add to your cart.

Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915, Civic leader, historian, (page 4)

Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe, 1807-1873, Zoologist, (page 48)

Anthony, Susan Brownell, 1820-1906, Reformer, (page 22)

Astor, John Jacob, 1822-1890, Financier, (page 19)

Babcock, Orville E., 1835-1884, Engineer, soldier, (page 15)

Babet, Hiram H. (?), (laid in end of book)

Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss, 1816-1894, Governor of Mass., (page 2)

Barnum, Phineas Taylor, 1810-1891, Creator of `The greatest show on earth', (page 19)

Bartles, Benjamin F. (?), (page 2)

Beecher, Mrs. H. [Eunice White (Bullard)], 1813-1897, Author, (page 24)

Belknap, William Worth, 1829-1890, Secretary of War, (page 10)

Belmont, August, 1816-1890, Banker, diplomat, (page 33)

Bergh, Henry, 1811-1888, Humanitarian, (page 29)

Blaine, James Gillespie, 1830-1893, Statesman, (page 15)

Bowen, Henry Chandler, 1813-1896, Publisher, editor, (page 16)

Brown, Benjamin Gratz, 1826- 1885, Governor of Missouri, (page 13)

Brown, Olympia, 1835-1926, Feminist, (page 14)

Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-1878, Poet, editor, (page 14)

Callyer, Robert, (page 24)

Casserly, William, (page 14)

Chapin, Edwin Hubbell, 1814-1880, (page 24)

Chase, Salmon Portland, 1808-1873, cabinet officer, (page 5)

Church, S.E., (page 10)

Claflin, Emmie C., (page 20)

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, 1835-1910, (page 11)

Colfax, Grhaym (?), (page 5)

Conkling, Roscoe, 1823-1888, Senator, (page 7)

Cooke, Jay, 1821-1905, Financier, (page 9)

Cooper, Peter, 1791-1883, Manufacturer, (page 15)

Corcoran, William Wilson, 1798-1888, Banker, (page 44)

Cornell, Ezra 1807-1874, Financier, (back cover)

Cox, Jacob Dolson 1828-1900, Gov. of Ohio, Sec. of the Interior, (page 44)

Creswell, John Angel James, 1828-1891, Postmaster general, (page 11)

Curtis, George William, 1824-1892, Author, orator, (page 12)

Cushman, Charlotte [Saunders] 1816-1876, Actress, (page 21)

Dana, Charles Anderson, 1819-1897, Newspaper editor, (page 17)

Davis, David, 1815-1886, Jurist, (page 38)

Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889, President of the Confederacy, (page 17)

Davis, Mary Evelyn Moore, 1852-1909, Author, (page 23)

Dawes, Henry Laurens, 1816-1903, Senator, (page 18)

Delano, Columbus, 1809-1896, Sec. of the Interior, Congressman from Ohio (?), (page 3)

Dickinson, Anna B. (?), (pages 20, 42, 43)

Dix, John Adams, 1798-1879, Governor of New York, (page 6)

Douglass, Frederick, 1817? - 1895, Abolitionist, journalist, (page 10)

d'Pres, James (?), (page 50)

Duncan, Blanton, (page 49)

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882, Essayist, poet, (page 12)

Farman Elbert Eli, 1831-1911, Jurist diplomat, (page 25)

Field, Kate [Mary Katherine Kemmle] 1838-1896, Journalist, author, (page 20)

Fillmore, Millard, 1800-1874, Thirteenth president, (page 5)

Fish, Hamilton, 1808-1893, Statesman, (page 3)

Fiske, Severance (?), (page 14)

Fletcher, Matilda, Author, (page 20)

Fletcher, S.J. Pastor Church of the Messiah, (page 27)

Garrison, William Lloyd, 1805-1879, Reformer, (page 8)

Geary, John White, 1819-1873, Gov. of Penn., Terr. Gov. of Kansas, (page 18)

Gould, Jay, 1836-1892, Financier, (page 18)

Grant, Frederick Dent, 1850-1912, (page 1)

Grant, I.R. (?), (page 19)

Greeley, Horace, 1811-1872, Editor, (pages 7, 31)

Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909, Author, Unitarian minister, (pages 35)

Hall, Abraham Oakey, 1826-1898, Journalist, (page 17)

Hamlin, Hannibal, 1809-1891, Vice President, U.S. Senator, (page 15)

Hartranft, John Frederick, 1820-1889, Politician, soldier, (page 18)

Havemeyer, William Frederick, 1804-1874, Mayor of N.Y., (page 4)

Hawley, Hoseph Rosewell, 1826-1905, Editor, senator, soldier, (page 6)

Hayes, William Shakespeare, 1837-1907, Ballad writer, composer, (page 40)

Henderstone, A (?), (page 25)

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth, 1823-1911, Reformer, soldier, author, (page 19)

Hilton, Theodore (?), (page 46)

Hoffman, John Thompson, 1828-1888, Mayor and Governor of N.Y., (page 16)

Holland, Josiah Gilbert, 1819-1881, Author, (page 35)

Hooker, Isabella Beecher, 1822-1907, Reformer, women's rights advocate, (page 20)

Kellogg, Clara Louise, 1842-1916, Dramatic soprano, (page 23)

Kernan, Francis, 1816-1892, Lawyer, Dem. politician, (page 48)

Kilpatrick, Hugh Judson, 1836-1881, Soldier, diplomat (?), (page 17)

Locke, David Ross [Petroleum V. Nasby] 1833-1888, political satirist, (page 19)

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882, poet, (page 11)

Longstreet, James, 1821-1882, Soldier, (page 48)

McCormick, Cyrus Hall, 1809-1884, Inventor, manufacturer, (page 14)

McDowell, Irvin, 1818-1885, Soldier, (page 4)

Meade, George Gordon, 1815-1872, Soldier, victor at Gettysburg, (page 15)

Meiggs, Henry, 1811-1877, Builder of South American Railroads, (page 47)

Morgan, Edwin Denison, 1811-1883, Governor of New York, (page 37)

Morgan, Midy, (page 21)

Mosby, John Singleton, 1833-1916, Confederate ranger, (page 28)

Mott, Lucretia Coffin, 1793-1880, Reformer, Preacher, Society of Friends, (page 21)

Muller, D.H., (page 26)

Nelson, Samuel, 1792-1873, Jurist, (page 15)

Nast, Thomas, 1840-1902, Cartoonist, (page 11)

O'Conor, Charles, 1804-1884, Lawyer, (page 17)

Parton, James, 1822-1891, Biographer, (page 39)

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart [Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps] 1844-1911, (page 21)

Pierrepont, Edwards, 1817-1892, Lawyer, Attorney general, (page 33)

Pomeroy, Marcus Mills, 1833-1896, Newspaper ed. and publisher, (page 17)

Porter, David Dixon, 1813-1891, Naval officer, (page 41)

Pringle, Benjamin, 1807-1887, Rep. of New York, (page 18)

Reid, Whitelaw, 1837-1912, Journalist diplomat, (page 30)

Richardson, William Adams, 1821-1896, Secretary of the treasury, (page 29)

Robertson, George, 1790-1874, Congressman from Kentucky (?), (page 10)

Saxe, John Godfrey, 1816-1887, Poet (?), (page 46)

Schurz, Carl, 1829-1906, Minister to Spain, (page 13)

Seward, William Henry, 1801-1872, Statesman, (pages 7, 12)

Seymour, Horatio, 1810-1886, Governor of N.Y., (page 36)

Sherman, William Tecumseh, 1820-1891, Union general, (page 1)

Simpson, Matthew, 1811-1884, Bishop (?), (page 25)

Sinclair, Samuel, Financier(?), (page 46)

Smith, Gerrit, 1797-1874, Reformer, (page 9)

Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, 1812-1883, Confederate Vice President, (pages 13, 17)

Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874, U.S. Senator, (pages 29, 36)

Talmage, Thomas DeWitt, 1832-1902, Clergyman, editor, (page 36)

Taylor, Miles, Rep. of Louisiana, (page 36)

Tren, T. (?), (page 32)

Trumbull, Lyman, 1813-1896, Jurist, U.S. Senator, (page 13)

Vanderbilt, Cornelius (?), (page 45)

Van Horn, Burt, (page 45)

Walker, Mary Edwards M.D. Women's rights advocate, (page 24)

Watts, H (?), (page 5)

Weed, Thurlow, 1797-1882, Politician and journalist, (page 7)

Wells, Gideaon, 1802-1878, Secretary of the Navy, (page 26)

Williams, George Henry, 1820-1910, Attorney Gen. Senator from Oregon, (page 3)

Wilson, Henry, 1812-1875, Vice president, U.S. Senator Mass., (page 7)

Winthrop, Robert C. 1809-1894, Senator from Mass., (page 38)

Wise, Henry Alexander, 1806-1876, Gov. of Virginia, (page 34)

Woodhull, Victoria Caflin, 1838-1927, Reformer, (page 23)

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